Ep. 1: The Transformation of Sobriety


Together, We Are A Force


I LOVE that the work I do has the potential to change lives, to change your stories for the better.

In many ways, it's similar to the work I used to do as an ordained pastor in the ELCA. But it's different now too. Here's a new podcast I'm collaborating with Jeremiah G. from the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. Our working title is, "Together We are a Force." We're going to be taking on themes especially pertinent to recovery and sharing with you how your life might be different to ultimately change your story.

And you know what's really rad? That you can listen to this and your life may transform in ways that only you may know about. I hope you'll contribute to the ongoing story and write to me to share how you've changed. Or maybe how you'd like to change.

Jeremiah meets with me, Dan the Story Man, to ask how Sobriety: A Graphic Novel came to be and WHY I came to write it. It's short and I had fun putting it together with Jeremiah. Enjoy!