Sobriety: A Graphic Novel (Hazelden Publishing)

by Daniel D. Maurer


A Graphic Novel

with Spencer Amundson

I woke up at 3am one night when I was still at treatment in Hazelden in Center City. I couldn't sleep, because I had a dream of a book that could communicate the concepts of the Twelve Steps in an easy-to-read and enjoyable format. After I got sober, I connected with a gifted comic artist, Spencer Amundson. The seed of an idea was born. Nearly four years later, it's a reality. I know anyone wanting to know about addiction, and the solution for it, will enjoy Sobriety: A Graphic NovelBuy it. Change your life. Or someone else's.


2015 Midwest Book Awards

Gold Award in the Self-Help Category and Silver Award in Young Adult Non-Fiction